Plane Spotting Xiamen

Fliport Garden Hotel
Location: ** Just a 10 to 15 minute walk from the terminal building near to the threshold of the only runway 05/23.
Spotting: ** Ask for a room facing the airport on at least the 6th floor. Any rooms on floor 10-13 in the range of 1-6 should have good views of the ramps and runway. Room 1206 has confirmed good views. On each side of the hotel corridor there are fire escapes with windows. The hotel has 13 floors and from these fire escapes it is possible to read arrivals off on runway 05. From the other side of the corridor you can read off some aircraft parked remotely or at the terminal. Reports suggest that even in the dark aircraft can still be read off. beware though don’t expect the windows to be clean!!
Photos: * No reports but may be possible.
Value: ** Prices vary between approximately £45 to £70

This hotel is available through the site of AGODA

A list of other hotels in the Xiamen Airport area along with an interactive map can be found here

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asia_xsm1 asia_xsm2 Image 3 (300px)
View of the Runway from floor 13 of The Xiamen Intl Airport Garden Hotel. Credit Eddie Swift View of the apron from the 13th floor of the Xiamen Intl Airport Hotel. Credit Eddie Swift  




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