Dubai Airport Transit Hotel

Dubai Airport Transit Hotel

Is a top class Airport hotel in Dubai Terminal 3. The Dubai Airport Transit Hotel  is only of use if you have connecting flights with a long layover as you must already be checked in for your next flight. The hotel offers the advantage of simply getting off your flight and walking to a hotel, without the hassle of waiting for your suitcases and clearing immigration as if on a connecting flight your suitcases will automatically be loaded onto your next flight.

As the hotel is situated in the airport terminal departure area you will have access to all of the shops, restaurants and duty free stores in Dubai Airport. You can check out the latest prices for the hotel and detailed room descriptions click here


Above : Emirates video showcasing the hotel facilities

Directions to The Dubai Airport Transit Hotel

On arrival in Terminals 1 and 3 in Dubai Airport head for the flight transfer lane\flight departures. Do not exit the arrivals hall towards baggage reclaim, or immigration as you will then be land side and unable to return to the hotel.  

Once you are at the transfer lane you go through a quick security check and then walk through into the main Airport departure lounge. Here you will see signs for the airport hotel, alternatively ask at one of the many information desks. Whilst the directions may sound complicated, in reality you are simply looking for flight transfers signs on arrival, and then the hotel signs once in the departure lounge.

If arriving in terminal 2 again you need to report to the flight transfer desk. From here you will get a coach to take you accross the airport over to Terminal 3 where you will be dropped into the departure lounge, simply look for the hotel signs from here.

It must be re-emphasised that this hotel is only for transit passengers, if you exit the arrivals hall, or are arriving at the airport for a flight departure, you will not be able to access the departure lounge until you have checked in and have your boarding pass, this is often a maximum of 3 hours prior to take off time.

Above : Another independent video review of the hotel. click here for further information and online live prices

Dubai Terminal 3 Hotels

The transit hotel is an expensive hotel. If you do not require a VISA to visit the country another option would be to exit the airport completely and stay at an off airport hotel. The link do I need a Visa to visit Dubai will let you know the Visa requirements. A lot of Western Europeans do not require a Visa.

We have compiled a list of economical hotels with airport shuttles at the page cheap hotels in Dubai near to the airport . If you have a long connection with Emirates you do not need to collect your suitcases as they will be stored airside and put onto your next flight. With this in mind it is best to keep some tolieteries and a spare set of clothing in your hand luggage.

There are also a wide range of expensive hotels within 5 miles of the airport with excellent facilities. A link to these hotels can be found through

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