Plane Spotting Tel Aviv

See The Sea Hotel (Update 2019 this hotel is reported to be closed)
The Sea And Sea Hotel is located in the New Port Zone around 1km from the domestic Airport of Dov. The great bonus of this hotel is that movements into Tel Aviv International Airport (Ben Gurion) can also be clearly seen and tied up from flight tracking software.

The hotel has free wifi and a great rooftop terrace with power points for laptops.

Location: ** Located on short final to Runway 03 at Dov Airport. There are plenty of bars, shops and restaurants in the area. The beach is only a 5 minute walk away.
Spotting: ** From the roof terrace the runway at Dov can be seen, Arr/Dep into there fly close enough for some to be read off without optics. Arr/Dep for Ben Gurion International Airport can also be seen, flight tracking software required for regs’ as a bit too far south.

A room with a sea view on an upper floor allows all inbound’s to Dov to be seen, along with most arrivals and departures from Ben Gurion Airport

The reporter took a micro ADSB stick with him and on this occasion encountered no problems from the numerous security searches-this does not guarantee that future problems may be encountered.

Photos: *** Great photos of Dov arrivals can be had. Distant shots of Ben Gurion movements could be had with a high powered telephoto lens, however you would be shooting into the sun for most of the day.

Note due to the security situation in Isreal use extreme caution when spotting or photography, this site in no way encourages the participation of the hobby and anybody doing so partakes on their own risk

Value: ** Expect to pay around £60 a night for a room.
Book: This hotel can be booked through or

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Great shots can be had from the roof of the hotel, this image taken with a maximum of 200 zoom.  The hotel has a great rooftop terrace giving great views of activity into Dov, and reasonable views of Ben Gurion movements


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