Plane Spotting Doha

Plane Spotting Doha

The city of Doha has two active airports very close to each other. The old Doha DIA Airport is now used for GA, Executive, the occasional airliner charter and Military flying. This Airport is likely to be used extensively for the World Cup charter and executive flights. The new Hamad Airport is the  Qatar Airways Hub and handles all other scheduled flights from overseas operators. The new airport is built out into the sea and is only 1 mile east of the old airport. The Marriott Hotel to the west of DIA offers very close views of DIA traffic as well as views of landing and departing traffic from the parallels at Hamad.

Many hotels on the sea front in Doha have views of traffic climbing out off the Runway 34 parallels at Hamad and are a ideal base for families. Flight tracking software is required for tie ups from these hotels. The Hilton Doha has confirmed views from sea view rooms.

Oryx Transit Hotel Hamad Airport
The Oryx Transit Hotel is situated airside at Hamad Airport. A long transit with combined night stop at this hotel gives access to the various airside piers all with their views at the gates and the chance to see large numbers of the Qatar Airways fleet.
Location: *** Airside at Hamad International Airport, available to transit passengers only.
Spotting: ** All of the concourses are only a short walk from the hotel room. There are no reported views of aircraft from any of the hotel rooms.
Photos: * Photography of aircraft is illegal in Qatar and not recommended.
Value: * An expensive airport transit hotel at around 200 Uk Pounds per night for a room.
Book: This hotel can be booked through  AGODA
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Doha Marriott Hotel  (Note :2020 this hotel is closed for refurbishment)
Located on the beach more or less under the climb out from Runway 33 at the present Doha Airport
Location: ** Just off the perimeter of the present Doha Airport and about 1.5 miles East of the southern perimeter of the new Hamad Airport. The taxi ride from the airport is around 10 minutes and costs between £5-10
Spotting: ** The hotel is situated a similar distance from the old Doha Airport as The Nojoum Apartments Deira would be from Dubai. Generally Runway 33 is in use meaning that flights depart over the hotel. Depending on the aircraft’s height I would estimate that around 50% of departures could be read off. If 15 was in use the landings would just pass to the East of the hotel but would be easily readable from an airport facing room balcony.

From the balcony the Alpha stands where exec movements park can be seen

You need to ask for a high level room in the old building facing away from the sea (so not a sea view which they will probably try to give you by default. Room 519 had 2 double beds and gave the views above, I assume that 619 and 719 would give similar views.

For around £30 a night extra you can book an executive room. This gives you entry into the executive lounge where free snacks are available all today, along with a continental breakfast. From here you are looking out towards the sea, however anything departing off 33 passes over the hotel and can be seen climbing away. Similar views are available from the beach and pool areas. I wouldn’t recommend using binoculars too often in the public areas, I left SBS running in the room, made a note of the times and cross checked with Flight Radar 24 playback.

Hamad Airport Spotting

A sea view room is required for views over to the New Hamad Airport.

Photos: * Photography of aircraft is illegal in Doha and is not recommended especially as the DIA Airport is an active military base.
Value: * Hotels in Doha are expensive. Prices start from around £110 a night.
Book: This hotel can be booked through
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