Plane Spotting London City

Plane Spotting London City

Security is fairly tight at London City area however great Plane Spotting at London City Airport can be had from the hotel below. Photography is also possible from the area outside of the hotel.

Ramada Hotel And Suites London Docklands
Location: *** Great location at the threshold of runway 09
Spotting: *** Make sure you ask for a room with a view of the airport, make sure it is a high room. Room 612 has great views over the runway and airport. Most even numbered rooms are reported to have airport views, the higher the better. You will have an excellent view of the threshold and apron. Hotel rooms are small but have free wifi. There is a pub next to hotel that serves food as well, but no shops, as this is a city/industrial area
Photos: *** Photos outside of aircraft approaching would be superb as they pass right over
Value: ** Around £75 a night

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Plane Spotting London City LCY spotting Hotels with views of London City Airport
 Great views can be had from The Ramada  Click on each image to expand  Credit for photos 


Above :  Video taken from behind the bridge shown in shots 1 and 2 from the above photos. Great landing shots can be had from this position which is only a couple of minutes walk from The Ramada, which is a great location for plane spotting at London City Airport.


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