Plane Spotting New York Teterboro

Hilton Hotel Hasbrouck Heights Meadowlands
Location: ** Nearby to the airfield boundary. The hotel also has a courtesy shuttle bus that will take you take you to the bus stops to take you back to New York City.
Spotting: ** City View rooms are required to get the great views from this hotel. Room 1006 is reported as the best room for views.

Great views when landing on runway 24. Most movements in daylight can be read off with binoculars. When on 24 ops all landers fly past the window at close range. All departures can be read off at the holding point. 32 ops are slightly more tricky as a lot of departures are high as they pass the hotel therefore flight tracking software may be needed for tie ups.

Many inbound’s to Newark can also be read off as they pass overhead, as well as La Guardia traffic in the distance.

A further report from Brian Bennett:

I stayed here in March 2023 in room 1120 – the best in the hotel. The reception staff were brilliant in understanding our hobby and allocating me (an Honors Gold member) the best room to view the aircraft. I’d emailed them before my departure from the UK and then called them when in Florida before heading up to them. You can clearly see the thresholds as they line up for rwys 24 and 19 plus the southern end of 01. If they’re landing on 06 you can strain your head against the window and look to your right and just see them as they come across the threshold (beside the neon outlet sign) before they drop below the hangars. Not all of them roll-out full length (across the departing rwy 01) so you have to be quick! If they’re using rwys 19/01 they come right passed your hotel window. I’ll definitely be back again!

Photos: * Not reported but unlikely from the room
Value: * From £73 for a room weekend rate
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City view rooms give a view over Runway 14 threshold (bottom right of picture) and a number of hanger areas.

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