Plane Spotting Osaka Itami

The AP Hotel
is a basic, but adequate hotel found across from the terminal (a 5 minute walk across the car park or a shuttle bus is provided by the hotel)
Location: *** Convenient for the airport
Spotting: ** None reported from the hotel however the terminal building with it’s excellent spotting facilities is only a 5 minute walk away
Photos: ** Unlikely, however the excellent terraces are only a 5 minute walk away where excellent photos can be taken
Value: ***  Excellent value for a hotel so close to the terminal with room prices starting at around £45
Book:   This hotel can be booked the the website.
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Check out this superb spotting guide to Itami at The site contains a great description on where to hire push bikes to get to those photo points only known to the locals of Osaka.

Green Rich Hotel

Report Credit Andy Kelly:

Staying at the Green rich hotel at the moment in room 931 on the 9th floor which is the top floor. its about a 2 minute ride in the hotel shuttle bus, you have to phone the hotel for them to send the shuttle bus to you. you can walk it but its across a busy road and no foot paths on some of the road. the hotel is nice but its not Hilton standard, rooms are clean and quite spacious, the layout of the room is a bit odd, bed is by the window and there isn’t anywhere to move it to even if you wanted to. you can see all arrivals and departures but will need sbs or FR24, internet is free. I wouldn’t go any further down than the 7th floor, buildings and a motorway bypass will block your view. there is a buffet breakfast but it doesn’t really cater for western tastes, not tried evening meals in the hotel as there is a steak house right opposite the hotel and a 7/11 shop, if you don’t want to spot from the hotel then there is a lovely observation deck at the airport where you wont miss anything with a good pair of bins

This hotel can be booked through website.

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