Plane Spotting Phuket

Centana Grand West Sands Resort And Villas
Is situated just to the North of Phuket Airport. The complex is ideal for families as it has excellent pool facilities, is located on the beach and is right next door to the excellent Splash Jungle waterpark. Cheap car hire in the area can be obtained from the car hire comparison site of Nova Car Hire
Location: ** Very good location for families, with all of the facilities to keep kids entertained. The beach has great views of aircraft movements into Phuket.
Spotting: ** Ask for a high level room overlooking the airport. From here limited views of the apron and runway movements can be seen. Most aircraft can be read off with binoculars although flight tracking equipment will be required at night time. The beach has excellent views of aircraft on short final, very low over the beach (this is Asia’s equivalent of St Martin)
Photos: ** None from the hotel of any quality. The hotel beach has fantastic views of traffic passing over the beach although you are looking into sun for most of the day. A 15 minute walk along the beach however will take you to the other side of the runway where excellent shots can be taken from the beach and local mound.
Value: ** Good value at around £60 a night

The hotel can be booked through any of the following links AGODA 

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 Thomson or  Monarch Holidays

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Plane Spotting Phuket Hotel with airport view in Phuket Image 3 (300px)
View from the beach of The Centana Grand West Sands. Both Photo’s Credit Tripadvisor Airport facing rooms give a limited terminal and runway view from the Centana Grand West Sands Resort. Double click photo to expand  


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Dewa Phuket Beach Resort
Is situated around a 10 minute cycle ride or 30 minute walk from the fabulous beach area and viewing points at Phuket Airport. The hotel is situated in the village of Nay Yang which has a number of restaurants but is much quieter than the larger holiday resorts in Phuket. The resort has great facilities and rates well in customer reviews. 
Location: * Away from the airport complex in the village of Nay Yang.
Spotting: * Nothing seen from the resort complex. As the video below points out, the great beach area at the end of the runway is only a short journey away. The trade off is that this is reported to be a top class resort, with free wireless internet, spa, Jacuzzi’s etc
Photos: ** None from the hotel but great photos can be taken after the short walk down the beach
Value: ** Good value at around £60 a night

The hotel can be booked through any of the following link  AGODA

Package holidays can be booked through the following links Thomson or  Monarch Holidays

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 Above. Directions from the Dewa complex to the beach area at Phuket. The directions last for around 1 minute 10 seconds, the rest of the video illustrates the great views of traffic which can be had from this location. Credit :- Tis Meyer check out the youtube channel here for some excellent Aviation Videos (including North Korea)

Other hotels in the town of Nay Yang may also offer views as the town is near to the final approach. A list of hotels in the town can be found at AGODA. A large list of hotels available on the Island of Phuket including all the major resorts can be found at


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  • Alden854

    Travelers who need convenient access to an airport can stay at 13 Coins Airport Grand Resort near Suvarnabhumi International Airport, or Amari Don Muang Bangkok Hotel next to Don Muang Domestic Airport. Vacationers going to Phuket might consider Kalim Resort or Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. Honeymooners should consider hotels offering free nights and other specials such as Kantary Bay, The Racha, and Kata Poolside Resort.

  • hotel at phuket airport

    Karon beach of Phuket has been named among the ‘Top 10 beach holidays for families’ by Lonely Planet. Whatever activity you choose, a Karon Phuket hotel will provide the ideal setting for a family beach holiday.

  • andy kelly

    just recently returned from Phuket, stayed at a hotel called DAVIDS RESIDENCE, this hotel should be on the list, you can see everything departing and arriving from a 3rd or 4th floor room, all rooms face the airport but 1st and 2nd floor room views would be hampered by trees and houses. you could walk to the hotel from the airport but the lady on reception was only to happy to come and pick me up, rooms are big and very nice. supermarket 2 minutes walk away, its not a big hotel but its good for spotting and its cheap, 2 nights £65, cant beat that,

  • Max Airplanes
    We stayed at the Sixteenth Naiyang Beach Hotel in room 711 which is a business room (or Junior Suite on
    It gives clear view on the international terminal and everything can be seen landing or in take off. Shops and restaurants are nearby and they have free bikes to go to the beach. The photo was taken from the pool on the rooftop, directly above our room with so with the same view.

  • Bob Kimmings

    Stayed at the 16th Naiyang Beach Hotel, close to the airport. From my room I could see half of the International parking, and all aircraft climbing out. From the swimming pool area on the top floor you could see even more. Unfortunately they were landing from the east as August is a monsoon month, so no speccy shots from the beach. The weather was warm but wet. The walk to the beach spot would take twenty minutes on a good day. 200 Baht to get into the national park (ten dollars)

  • Phil Greenall

    Centana Grand West Sands Resort And Villas permanently closed (Aug 2019) according to google maps