Plane Spotting Philadelphia

Marriott Philadelphia Airport
is situated right at the centre of the airport. Connected to Terminal B by a skybridge, this hotel offers spotters a great chance to make inroads into the USAir fleet. When reserving a room ask for a high floor number and for a room overlooking the airport. If you get both of these options you will not be disappointed. From these rooms expect to read off about 95% of the traffic with a good pair of binoculars. You will have great views of the two parallel runways and many taxiways. There is a crossing runway which is mainly used by commuter traffic which can be a bit more tricky, but thankfully the vast majority of the traffic uses the two parallel runways. Even at night you will still read aircraft off courtesy of a well lit taxiway between the USAir and Northwest gates.
Location: *** Very conveniently located so close to the terminal.
Spotting: *** Reading off 95% of all movements at an airport as busy as this means that you won’t be disappointed.
Photos: ** No actual reports but there seems every likelihood that there will be opportunities for photos.
Value: ** Not particularly cheap, but when you consider the location of the hotel and the spotting opportunities, it must be considered well worth it. A twin room at weekends is approximately £73.

Guaranteed Airport facing rooms can be had at the  Marriott International – UK & Ireland  website.  AGODA may also offer occasional better deals however there is no guarantee of an airport facing room therefore an element of luck would be involved at check in.

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Other Hotels : The Hilton on Island Avenue (soon to renamed Double Tree By Hilton) has good view across to commuter parking. Also only about 10 minute walk to exec terminal. Odd mumbered rooms 1-29 all should have views, higher the better. Free shuttle bus every 20 minutes

For a list of other hotels in the area click here, and then type Airport in the hotel name contains box

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Plane Spotting Philadelphia

Above: View from room 1113 at the Marriott Hotel. Credit Paul Moiser


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