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Crowne Plaza                                           Last Update 2020
Location: ** Good location. Only a short walk from the terminal or a short shuttle bus ride. An alternative to the shuttle bus to the terminals is the free PHX Sky Train which runs to Terminal 4 from the 44th Street Station. The walkway to the station is directly across the road from this hotel.
Spotting: **

Ask for an even numbered high floor room overlooking the airport. From these rooms reports indicate that you can read off many aircraft.

On Easterly operations both runways can be monitored easily. All landings can be seen however the far runway requires flight tracking for identification. Arrivals on the nearby north runway can be read off as they vacate. Departures on the south runway can be seen but you have to be quick, however departures on the north runway are easily seen.

Westerly operations aren’t great. Everything departing can be seen however flight tracking is required for tie ups as they depart away from the hotel. Flight tracking is also needed for the arrivals as they appear from behind the hotel at short notice. 

The airfield lighting isn’t great at night time, the runways and taxiways are distant and you cannot really make out the aircraft types, all that can be seen are a mass of flashing lights. 

Scottsdale arrivals pass directly overhead at around 5000 feet therefore a good flight tracker will boost the log. 

Report credit Andy Kelly:

Staying at the Crowne Plaza at the moment in room 1012 which is top floor, guy on reception was really helpful and no problem getting a high floor airport view room. Great views of all departures and arrivals and nothing will be missed as long as you have SBS or FLIGHT RADAR24.

Rooms are really nice with a nice big window, wifi is free, breakfast is buffet or menu, buffet is around £15. In the evening I ordered room service but there is a restaurant on the ground floor and snack bar. There is a supermarket across the road for all your snacks and drinks, first time staying here and would stay here again.

Photos: * No reports available.
Value: ** Reasonable at £65 for a twin room at weekends, but well worth it for the views.

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La Quinta Inn by Wyndham          Last Update 2015

Is a budget hotel found to the south of the airport. A high level room facing north will give you views onto the approach of the westerly parallels subject to wind direction. Room 303 has confirmed views. 

The arrivals appear quickly and soon disappear behind a line of trees therefore flight tracking would be advantageous in order to give you a heads up on movements. Aircraft landing on 25L for the south complex can be read off with a good telescope. Aircraft arriving on Runway 26 for the north complex can be seen in the distance but require flight tracking for tie ups. 

The hotel provides a free hot breakfast, there is also a Dennys next door.

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Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport North   Last Update 2016

Ask for a top floor room facing the airport. Good views are possible as shown below. Photographs are possible however you are shooting through tinted glass facing south therefore the quality is not great. You can also see the Executive parking area from airport facing rooms. 

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The above view is shot with a zoom lens and replicates the view through binoculars from an airport facing room at The Hilton Garden Inn.

Aloft Phoenix Airport Update 2020

No spotting reports from here yet, however this hotel is reported to have good views out towards the airport and runways from high level floors. Ask for a south view facing the airport for the best views from here.

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