Plane Spotting San Francisco

Marriott San Francisco Waterfront Airport Hotel
is widely regarded by many spotters as the best hotel for spotting at San Francisco. The hotel is just 1 mile from the airport but very close to Runway 01R and is linked with the airport by a free shuttle bus. When reserving this hotel ensure you ask for a room on a high floor overlooking the airport to get some fantastic views. A North facing room will offer views of Runway 28 which the “heavies” tend to use. A room at the Northwest corner of the hotel will give you excellent views of Runway 01R as well as Runway 28. The views of arriving and departing aircraft from the hotel car park are described as incredible. Also right by the hotel is Bayshore Park which is reported as being an excellent spotting area.
Location: *** This hotel is in a fantastic location to see the vast majority of traffic at this busy airport with little or no problems.
Spotting: *** Rooms on a high floor facing the airport in the Northwest corner, are the best rooms to ask for. If you get one of these then you won’t be disappointed.
Photos: ** No reports of photo opportunities from the rooms however the car park offers great opportunities.
Value: *** Twin rooms start at a typical price of £62 at weekends. This is great value considering the location.
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Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel
is located approximately 1 mile from the airport and is linked to the airport by a free shuttle bus which only takes 5 minutes. The threshold of Runway 01R is very close indeed as is the nearby Bayshore Park area which is said to be very good for spotting.
Location: *** Very close to all the action on Runway 01R.
Spotting: *** Ask for a room facing the airport when booking this hotel. Otherwise views from the hotel car park are said to be very good.
Photos: ** Great opportunities for photos are to be had from the hotel car park. A 300mm lens may be needed.
Value: ***  Fairly expensive . A twin room at a weekend costs about £90.
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A comprehensive list of San Fransisco Airport hotels and map can be found here

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  • andy kelly

    staying at the Marriott san Francisco waterfront airport hotel at the moment in room 5089 on the 5th floor, this is a bay view room, you need this type of room to view all the action, you get fantastic views of all arriving and departing traffic, nothing will be missed but you need SBS or FR24, rooms are really nice and clean, wifi is free but this hotel is not cheap, from the price of the room to a bottle of water its expensive, breakfast buffet is around £30, eating in the hotel restaurant with a 3 course meal and you wont get any change out of £100, there is a bar which does snacks and you can get a burger for around £20, there is also a starbucks coffee shop on the ground floor, there is a garage but its a good half a mile down the road to get your drinks and snacks, a can of pepsi at the reception will cost you £4, all in all this really is a very nice hotel and what I would call a planespotters hotel with the great views you get of the traffic arriving over the bay but it comes with a heavy price, I would stay here again but would need to start saving the pennies now.