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Ramada Pudong Airport
is conveniently located just 1km from the terminal buildings. The hotel offers a free shuttle bus, for the five minute journey, which runs between the hours of 0530 to 2330. The hotel is frustratingly shaped like the letter “H”. Therefore if you are not careful you are quite likely to have no interesting views at all. The best advise is to negotiate an airport facing room when you get there. Ask for a room on a high floor facing south but expect to have to pay more for these as they are the more expensive executive rooms. Room 522, for example, reportedly has views of the terminal and the nearest runway. The far runway can be seen but you will need a very good telescope and a steady hand to read the aircraft off. ACARS may come in useful for those aircraft.
Location: *** Very convenient for the airport.
Spotting: ** All depends on your room number. A typical view from the room is shown on the photo below this report.
Photos: * No reports available on photo opportunities from the hotel.
Value: ** Prices start at approximately £62 for a twin room per night.
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Dazhong Airport Hotel Pudong Airport
is linked to the terminals at Pudong Airport abeam the Magalev railway station. Pizza Hut and KFC can be found in the the station as well as a small supermarket. Note the reported rooms with a view only have the one bed, so be prepared for a cosy night!
Location: *** Excellent on airport position, linked to the terminals by walkways.
Spotting: *** You require a room on the higher levels looking to the south. Room 8802 has been tried and tested as an ideal room. From this location you can read off traffic on the connecting taxiway in front of you as well as having distant views of both runways. With SBS you wont miss a thing, without you will read off 90% of movements during the day but not a lot at night! Room 8806 also has views looking over to terminal 1, T2 movements can still be seen but at a poor angle. Room 8801 is confirmed as having similar views.
Photos: * Just about possible however you are into sun and the windows are heavily tinted so quality is not too good.
Value: ** Prices start at approximately £70 for a twin room per night.
Book: This hotel can be found by booking through the DazHong website
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There are many other hotels in the Pudong area close to the airport from which we are awaiting reports from. A comprehensive list of hotels can be found HERE

Plane Spotting Shanghai

Above, view from Room 8802 of the Dazhong Merrylin Hotel.

Above: Airport room video from the popular Dazhong Merrylin Hotel.

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